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Eating for Health

Nutrition for fatigue and IBS

Nutritional therapy: Take the first step in owning your health

What we eat is more than just calories. Our food contains an abundance of nutrients that fuel and nourish our bodies on a daily basis. It is just about getting the right nutrients for your needs - we're all different!

If you are struggling with a chronic health condition, or ongoing discomfort, it is possible that some simple adjustments to what you eat could make a big difference to how you feel. 

A nutritional therapy consultation will help to uncover your unique nutrition requirements and provide you with knowledge and information to take more control of your health.


I am a Registered Nutritional Therapist offering 1-2-1 consultations in Belfast. I am also a BANT Registered Nutritionist offering group workshops, classes and corporate nutrition talks across Northern Ireland. My emphasis is on educating my clients about the simple, practical steps they can take to live in abundant good health.