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Personalised Nutrition & Lifestyle Plans

When I work with individual clients, it's all about you...


With over 10 years of working with clients, I have learnt that there are three things that help you get results:

  1. Keep it Simple.

  2. Ensure it is Science-based

  3. Provide Support

These three tenets are the foundation of each plan I develop for my clients.

Your initial nutrition programme includes:

  • Pre-appointment questionnaire review

  • 1-hour functional medicine-based consultation

  • Personalised diet and lifestyle plan

  • A full month of email support

  • Recipes

  • Discount on therapeutic supplements

  • Home assessments

  • Advice on Functional Testing (if necessary)



During an initial 1:1 consultation (60 minutes), I gather detailed information about your current health concerns and symptoms, your medical history, family history, lifestyle, current medications, supplements and diet. This helps me to understand your unique health circumstances.


The ultimate aim of a functional medicine nutrition approach is to identify the underlying root cause of an imbalance, rather than merely treating symptoms.


Your individual needs are evaluated and, with the use of evidence-based nutritional science, a personalised, safe and effective nutrition and lifestyle programme is developed.





Follow up consultations are usually scheduled after 4-6 weeks in order to monitor progress and make any necessary adjustments. Further follow-ups may be required depending on each individual situation.

Follow up sessions include:

  • Updated personal diet and lifestyle plan

  • Recipes

  • 1 month of email support

  • Discount on therapeutic supplements

  • Interpretation of tests (if applicable)

All consultations are executed in professional privacy.


Initial Nutrition Package (1 month): £150

Follow-up Consultations (30 min): £55


Nutritional Therapy consultations are covered by some health plans, including: Westfield Health, Health Shield and Elect. Please check with your provder for details.  

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